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e*lix*ir #15, Special Issue on Iran
Winter 2022



“Their only crime...”

Holy Soil

Holy Soil: The Endurance of the Bahá’ís of Iran by Ighan
Hadigheh: A Bahá’í House of Worship in Tehran by Saba
The Blue Prayer Book by Hannan Hashemi
In Front of the School by Nava
The Roll-Away Pumpkin by Tanin Azadi
The Castle at Maku by Nogol Sadri

The Scent of Roses

The Scent of Roses by Nooshin Mavaddati
A Great Green Enignma by Mehrsa Mastoori
My Tiny Fruit Garden by Foad Bahrami
My Blessed Spot by Hannan Hashemi
Spring in My Grandmother’s Yard by Morvarid Ighani
The Garden of Memories by Sama Khalili

Candles in the Darkness

The Candle in My Family by Alhan
A Shower of Bullets by Daniel Sabet Rasekhi
From Thief to Benefactor by Foad Bahrami
The Green Handprint by Nava
The Kolahduz of Barfurush by Sama Khalili
An Immortal Man by Taranom
The Whisper by Andisheh Taslimi


From A Tale of Love by Mahvash Sabet
translated by Shahin Mowzoon and adapted by Sandra Lynn Hutchison

Personal Reflections on Bahá’í Texts

Calamity: The Path to Eternity by Hannan Hashemi
The Way Home by Daniel Sabet Rasekhi
The Light in the Darkness by Sama Khalili
From Your Inmost Being by Taraneh


A Small Light in a Dark Room by Andisheh Taslimi
Hope for the Future of Iran by Mehrsa Mastoori


Painting and Interview with Shahriar Cyrus by Mehrsa Mastoori
Resilience by Lynn Miller




This quilt, which I have entitled “Resilience,” was created to honor the Bahá’ís of Iran, who are daily faced with the struggle of practicing their faith in an antagonistic environment. Their plight is one of confinement and subjugation. Yet, they are resilient in the face of this repression and continue to serve the Cause of Bahá’u’lláh. From the outside of this prison, the rest of world joins hands in prayer for their release and freedoms.

To express this in cotton and thread, I chose the nine-pointed Bahá’í star to represent those faithful and courageous ones. The star is wrapped in the prayers of the world, framed, as it were, in a multi-colored fabric. Although there is a maze of criss-crossed bars surrounding the star, rays of stitching shine out from the center as well as reach into that center.

Prayers for understanding and compassion, traveling both inward and outward, give light to those who are living under these punishing circumstances.

Lynn Miller
Artist Statement:   Throughout my forty years of quilting, I’ve loved to create my own designs from traditional quilt patterns, and, recently, I have become fascinated by art quilts and modern quilts with their nod to combinations of fabrics, textures and decorative stitches. I also enjoy bringing life to an antique quilt or stack of quilt blocks found in someone’s attic. The most rewarding part in any quilting venture is collaboration with another quilter on our treasured work.
Bio:   I come from a family of quilters. Grandmothers, aunts, moms, daughters, and even granddaughters and grandsons — all have loved the creativity and excitement of quilting. Since retiring from teaching primary school, I have been participating more and more in guild meetings, quilt shows, and workshops. Over the past ten years, I have completed quilts for Quilts of Valor and for our local quilt club’s service, Comfort Quilts. I have donated quilts to the Linus Project and to local charities. In 2018, I entered the Quilt for Change/Water is Life challenge. It was my first such entry and a great honor to have had my quilt chosen for this magnificent project. The exhibit was shown in Belgium, Italy, and in six cities of the United States. Since then, I have looked to the Bahá’í Writings for inspiration for my quilting projects and often worked with quotations in the creation of the work.